May 3, 2021

The In Residence by Pieter Brundyn Experience

Thus far, 2021 has been a true watershed year in amplifying and realizing our mission at In Residence to deliver the best-quality luxury villa rental experiences globally. Indeed, having just over one month ago expanded our operations from the southernmost tip of Africa to the Northern Hemisphere and the iconic Greek isles, we are now very excited to announce the newest chapter in our project to bring the In Residence experience to the rest of the world—specifically, the azure shores of Mexico, one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the world.

The In Residence by Pieter Brundyn Experience

That our next step entails expansion into the Mexican hospitality industry is both logical and natural to us at In Residence. As with both South Africa and Greece, Mexico is arguably the prized jewel of tourism on its continent and has become synonymous with luxury holiday experiences; visitors from around the world flock to its beaches and cities all year round to immerse themselves in the country's rich culture, excellent food, and breath-taking natural offerings. It should come as no surprise, then, that Mexico is the seventh most-visited country globally and that the tourism industry accounts for over 8% of its annual GDP. As the hospitality industry continues to flourish in Mexico and as the global high-end tourist market continues to gravitate towards personalized villa rentals, we believe the conditions are very much ripe for the In Residence experience to be brought to North America.

Beyond the guarantee of a refined, tailor-made rental service of the highest-quality, most luxurious villas that Mexico offers, what will a prospective In Residence rental in Mexico look like? Much like Greece and South Africa, Mexico is blessed with some of the world's most iconic and luxurious coastlines. From the iconic Pacific beachfront of Puerto Vallarta to the warm, transparent Caribbean waters of Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula, the Mexican coasts make for some of the most astonishing views and aquatic experiences that the world has to offer. Moreover, it is one of the few countries to be in the unique situation of providing access to two different oceans (the Pacific and Atlantic) to prospective holidaymakers—with South Africa being another. Naturally, our Mexican villas are located along or close to the most exclusive, high-end beaches in the country, ensuring that you and your family or friends will enjoy not only the very best villa experience possible but also the pinnacle of Mexican beachgoing life.

"We believe we are equipped to take that same spirit of relentless innovation and the model that we have developed and bring these to the rest of the world."

In addition to its coastlines, Mexico is immediately synonymous around the world for its unique and rich culinary heritage. With its roots in the Mesoamerican dietary habits of the Aztec Empire and inflected by European flavours and ingredients, Mexico's food scene today is as diverse as it is progressive: with many Mexican chefs today fusing regional dishes and flavour combinations with international culinary education to create La Nueva Cocina Mexicana, the country's dining culture promises to visitors consistent excellence—be it from street tacos to a Japanese-Mexican fusion tasting menus. Needless to say, as a feature of the In Residence experience, our 24-hour local concierge service will be able to arrange transformative culinary moments in any of the Mexican locales you choose to visit—be it Punta Mita Tulum or Puerto Vallarta.

Of course, the country is also more than its beaches and food: Mexico boasts one of the oldest civilizations in the world, with the pre-Columbian Aztec Empire's splendid works of sculpture and architecture around the country—such as the Mayan ruins at Tulum or the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan—visited by thousands to this day. The Virgin de Guadalupe painting in Mexico City is the third-most visited Catholic shrine in the world and emblematizes the artistic spirit of colonial-era Mexico. Meanwhile, the works produced by surrealist painter Frida Kahlo and the Mexican Muralists of Diego Rivera, Jose Orozco, and David Siqueiros were among the most influential artworks of the 20th century and continue to attract cultural pilgrims today. The Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City and contemporary art museums in Monterrey, Oaxaca, and Yucatan are among the many notable cultural institutions worth experiencing—as well as, of course, the nationwide annual Dia de los Muertos celebrations in November, Mexico's Mardi Gras or Carnaval equivalent where the dead are joyfully commemorated.

These above themes—namely, delivering the best lifestyle, culinary, and cultural experiences to our clientele through our villa rental and concierge services—have been our principal guiding lights since our foundation in 2015. We have established ourselves as the South African industry leader in the luxury hospitality industry by consistently innovating and improving our approach to these themes. We believe we are equipped to take that same spirit of relentless innovation and the model that we have developed and bring these to the rest of the world. First to Greece, and now to Mexico.

We hope you share our excitement as we continue to explore new waters and export the In Residence experience beyond South African shores. As we prepare to launch in North America, we would like to wish you continued good health and hope we will be able to welcome you soon to the paradisiacal shores of Mexico!

Featured Luxury Villa in Mykonos, Greece - Villa Midas

Perched above the acclaimed Ornos Bay in Agios Lazaros, Mykonos, the sun-kissed Villa Midas possesses a golden touch that few other residences on the island can offer. An architectural embodiment of the minimalistic, stone-covered white dwellings so characteristic of the Cycladic style, this large establishment boasts a magnificent swimming pool and spacious, well-ventilated interior that can host up to 14 people at once, making it ideal for longer summer stays. Its uninterrupted panoramic views onto the Aegean are fit for the gods, while its ideal location—within walking distance of the world-renowned Psarou Beach and Mykonos Town, Tennis Club, and the airport—ensures that you will remain as entertained beyond your luxurious abode as you will be in it.

Villa Midas - Luxury villa in Mykonos Greece

Featured Luxury Villa in Tulum, Mexico - Casa Ixchel

Step directly out onto pristine Caribbean sands and waters from your private tropical paradise, luxury villa Casa Ixchel, in Tulum, Mexico. A magnificent six-bedroom minimalistic villa, Casa Ixchel is unique in its unparalleled proximity to both the verdant jungle and azure waters so characteristic of Tulum’s surrounds. The spacious, geometric, and clean stone and wood-based interior extends out onto an immaculately-maintained garden that features a large rectangular swimming pool and jacuzzi—providing a calming atmosphere that transcends the villa’s spaces. Entirely self-sustainable and carbon neutral—generating all of its energy through the sun and wind—Casa Ixchel harmoniously coexists alongside Tulum’s breath-taking nature while offering all the comforts of modern luxury to prospective visitors.

Casa Ixchel - Luxury villa in Tulum Mexico

Featured Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa - Nobu

It is fitting that Africa’s only Nobu restaurant should be located within the inimitable One and Only hotel in Cape Town. Part of the elite, Michelin-acclaimed Japanese restaurant franchise renowned for its high-end establishments in New York, London, and Tokyo, Nobu is known globally for its unparalleled fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. In Cape Town, Nobu’s sushi menu and seafood offerings are elevated by the freshness of the local produce used; pick and choose from a variety of delectable dishes—such as dry miso sashimi, ceviche, and Tuna Tataki—or indulge in the multi-course traditional Japanese Omakase tasting menu. Nobu’s culinary offerings can be paired with the best sake or, of course, a selection of the finest South African wines available. A delight for the senses, Nobu has become a mainstay of the Capetonian fine-dining scene, and, given its wild popularity and the quality of its experiences, we expect it to remain one for years to come.

Nobu - One and Only hotel in Cape Town

Featured Restaurant in Tulum, Mexico - Arca, Tulum

Tucked away on the jungle side of the iconic Tulum beach road, Arca Tulum is a dynamic, world-class restaurant that offers micro-seasonal dishes based on the flora and fauna of Tulum. The brainchild of Head Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza—a Michelin-star chef with international experience in the world of haute cuisineArca Tulum synthesizes ancient Mexican flavours and ingredients with the progressive experimentalism characteristic of high-end cuisine around the world. Open-fire cooking serves as the basis for meals—such as grilled deer ribs or Octopus al pastor—served on small, shareable plates. The restaurant—whose open architecture has been designed to seamlessly integrate into its local jungle surrounds—can be reserved for private events, while its walk-in-only Back Bar ensures that spontaneous dinner and drink plans can be decided upon at a moment’s notice. Indisputably one of the crown jewels of Tulum’s dining scene, Arca Tulum is a must-visit for any traveller with a refined palate and a wish to discover the true, historical flavours of regional Mexican cuisine.

Arca - Tulum

Stay at Casa Ixchel