June 30, 2021

We celebrate an architectural masterpiece

Casting one’s eye over the sunset’s ember-like afterglow and the vast expanses of aquamarine water, one’s first impression of Pengilly House's immediate surrounds is that of tranquil, uninterrupted movement. From the snaking coastline roads evocative of the Big Sur to the Atlantic ocean’s rhythmic tidal swells below, the sensory impressions offered by this behemothic modernist masterpiece reflect its own physical form.

We celebrate an architectural masterpiece

Carved into Lion’s Head mountain, Pengilly House’s sweeping concrete curves in space evoke the undulating waves of the ocean and the winding cliffs of Nettleton Road—one of the most exclusive residential stretches anywhere in the world.

The architectural triumph of Pengilly House lies in the perfect harmonization of its structure with its physical surrounds, while also offering an entirely distinctive, futuristic design that distinguishes it from the spectacular villas that surround it. A direct homage by Capetonian architecture firm Peerutin to the mid-century works of the American John Lautner—one of the most acclaimed architects of the twentieth century—Pengilly House stands alongside any of the latter’s Californian designs; due to the singular nature of its design, the villa could even be considered a functional sculpture of sorts. In an extension of Pengilly House’s fundamentally modernist spirit, every item and amenity in this six-bedroom home has been meticulously crafted or selected in line with the most cutting-edge standards of today. At the same time, the broader emphasis on minimal décor and accessories further underscores the sheer architectural uniqueness of the villa.

This villa could even be considered a functional sculpture of sorts

As one of the newly-added signature villas to our Cape Town portfolio, the architectural magnificence of Pengilly House embodies what we at In Residence value most and seek to provide to our clientele: cutting-edge, truly unrivalled experiences in contemporary architecture, culture, and gastronomy. Representing the most refined aspects of what constitutes contemporary luxury, Pengilly House is presently available for booking here.

Featured Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa - Chefs Warehouse at Tintswalo Atlantic

In the above spirit of bringing to light those places which share our vision, we’d like to complement our feature of Pengilly House with a luxurious tucked-away restaurant further along the winding Cape coastline: Chefs Warehouse at Tintswalo Atlantic.

Located on the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean at the bottom of the world-renowned Chapman’s Peak drive, Chefs Warehouse is a modern restaurant with a contemporary 4-course tapas menu that combines fresh, local, and sustainable produce with an equally local progressive attitude towards fine cuisine. Head chef Braam Beyers—an alumnus of the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon—has crafted a menu of immaculate fusion dishes such as seared tuna in berbere dressing and springbok tataki for the current winter season. Beyers and his restaurant reflect the distinctive culinary approach of Cape Town’s exquisite food scene—one which synthesizes an international, Michelin-level formation with the bountiful natural offerings of South Africa’s land and sea. Combined with breathtakingly intimate views of its setting, Chefs Warehouse will provide the ideal setting for a winter experience in the Cape like no other.

Image owned by Chefs Warehouse
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