July 30, 2021

Luxury villas on a range of the most iconic Greek islands

Overlooking Greece’s deep-blue Aegean waters is the world-renowned Acropolis, home to some of the most iconic architectural monuments ever designed. Standing amidst the Acropolis’ imposing Pentelic marble ruins, one is struck by the overwhelming sense of harmony between the natural Greek surroundings and the structures’ architectural form, material, and function: the dry summer heat, hilltop vista, aged white marble, and blue ocean waters all seemingly exist as one in a perfectly-enclosed Mediterranean ecosystem.

Luxury villas on a range of the most iconic Greek islands

At In Residence by Pieter Brundyn, one of our distinguishing features is our focus on the unique architectural qualities of the villas we provide—more specifically, contemporary architecture that acts as a perfect, harmonious counterpoise to its natural surroundings. There is no better example hereof than our Greece portfolio, which features luxury villas on a range of the most iconic Greek islands, all of whose structural characteristics have been designed with the effortless integration of the home into the unique local islands’ environments in mind.

Featured Luxury Villa in Mykonos, Greece - Villa Skyrock

Take, for example, Villa Skyrock, one of our signature villas on the Cycladic island of Mykonos: a cutting-edge, subterranean modernist villa, Villa Skyrock has been built into the rocky mountain of Agios Stefanos, ensuring a seamless, unobtrusive relationship between the villa and its mountainous surroundings. Its elevated position and infinity pool fuse the layout of the house with the waters of the Aegean, creating the impression of a single, uninterrupted unity between building and ocean.

Despite its unquestionable architectural modernity, Villa Skyrock’s design nevertheless transmits the same essence of the ancient Greek architectural and sculptural spirit that can be felt when standing amidst the millennia-old, windswept marble structures that still tower over Athens today—namely, harmony with the natural.

Villa Skyrock, one of our signature villas on the Cycladic island of Mykonos.
Villa Skyrock has been built into the rocky mountain of Agios Stefanos.

In a similar vein, we place a unique emphasis on ensuring harmony between architecture and environment, as experiences of time and space are so heavily dependent on this relationship; it is why we continue to find the structure, form, and materials of both the Acropolis and our Greek homes so compelling and worthy of celebration.

One of our foundational beliefs is that the contemporary villa experience is fundamentally reliant on—and enhanced by—culture and art. To our mind, there is indeed no better place to realize this first-hand than Greece, a destination that has been synonymous with flawless architecture since the construction of the Parthenon. We invite you to witness this unique heritage from the comfort of one of our Cycladic villas, and hope to welcome you to Greece during its perpetual summer.

Celebrating our partnership with Dtravel

Adding to summer celebrations is our partnership with Dtravel, a brand new decentralized platform for the home-sharing economy introduced last month!

"With travel starting to rebound and a record level of interest in blockchain technologies like cryptocurrencies, Dtravel gives eager hosts what has been missing to date: control and ownership over the booking experience.", said Pieter Brundyn, CEO at In Residence by Pieter Brundyn.

We are excited to share this opportunity for future reservations with our clients. Read more about our partnership with Dtravel.

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