February 9, 2022

Transformative travel with In Residence by Pieter Brundyn

Experts say that there is a strong link between creativity and overall well-being. They talk about ‘flow’ when you are so immersed in creative work that you lose track of the outside world. Apparently, getting into a state of flow can produce substantial and long-lasting happiness.

Transformative travel with In Residence by Pieter Brundyn

So, what does this have to do with In Residence by Pieter Brundyn Villas?

Well, self-care and wellness are a greater priority than ever, say our guests, who are increasingly using their villa vacations to learn new skills and develop their interests and talents in a meaningful way. And one of our all-time favourite things to do is to plan bespoke creative experiences: want to learn to paint/sculpt/play the piano/dance/sing/become a luthier? We have access to world-class personal tutors, instructors and teachers who will guide you one-on-one to develop your inner Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams or Stradivari In Residence by Pieter Brundyn villas, with their tranquil spaces and beautiful gardens and outdoor areas, are the perfect space for exploring your creative side.

There are few acts more healing and transformative than that of creating something beautiful. The process itself is meditative and intensely rewarding, and when the outcome is something of which you can be proud, you’ll find yourself hooked.

'A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.' - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Take, for example, our fine-art photography experience in Cape Town. While Cape Town’s remarkable scenery is a photographer’s dream, those iconic shots can be hard to capture without an insider’s knowledge and access to the very best locations. Join our expert photographer, Chad Henning, on bespoke visual adventures—from thrilling boat trips targeting the abundant marine and bird life off the coast or the dramatic landscapes surrounding Cape Town and further afield—and learn how to take, process, and print your very own iconic shots. This photographic experience combines expert technical assistance with extraordinary excursions, giving you special access to remarkable sights that will infuse your creative work with immediacy and individuality.

Join our expert photographer, Chad Henning, on bespoke visual adventures

Featured Luxury Villa in Malé, Maldives - Cheval Blanc Rhandeli

We have extraordinary villas in over 12 global destinations, each of which offers a truly transformative experience that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Cheval Blanc Rhandeli in the Maldives is one such sanctuary.

Why not explore your creative side and and discover greater inner peace during your next villa vacation?

A short hop north of Malé in a private seaplane is the exquisite Noonu Atoll, home to Cheval Blanc Rhandeli, where a handful of lush, pristine islands surrounded by a sprawling coral reef form an exclusive refuge. This tropical oasis invites you to unplug, breathe deeply and unwind. The essence of contemporary Maldives’ style, Cheval Blanc Rhandeli offers tranquility, perfect privacy, and discreet luxury. This makes it an excellent base for an immersive wellness experience, as you can relax entirely with complete peace of mind while you swim, snorkel the teeming tropical waters or cool off in a hammock strung up in the leafy gardens. Wellness is taken seriously here, from the delicious and varied dining experiences to the range of exciting outdoor and water-based activities, and an entire small island is dedicated to spa rituals and wellbeing. Start and end each day with sun salutations and meditations during yoga sessions on ivory beaches, overwater pavilions, or in lush jungle gardens. If you are up to a creative challenge, you can master the art of pâtisserie and French cuisine during dedicated masterclasses with our expert chefs.

Cheval Blanc Rhandeli offers tranquility, perfect privacy, and discreet luxury.

Explore our portfolio of ultra-luxurious In Residence by Pieter Brundyn villas in the world’s most spectacular destinations, and get in touch to ask us to shape your own dream vacation and bespoke experiences of a lifetime.

Stay at Cheval Blanc Randheli